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Retractable Name Badges

Retractable Name Badges Are you one of those types of people who simply seems to absolutely always forget their name tag or ID badge? While this can simply be often chalked up to simple forgetfulness, it can most certainly create a very annoying problem if you have strict security at the place where you work since you may actually be denied entrance if you do not have the proper identification on hand. However, a very popular alternative to the traditional clip on, pin on or magnetic ID and name badges are the latest retractable name badges.

These specialty retractable name badges provide a very simple way to never forget your ID or name badge since they feature a very clever design that includes a retractable band or string that conveniently zips in and out of a very small attachment that you can easily clip to your belt. This will most definitely help you to make sure that you never forget and leave your ID or name badge somewhere. All you have to do is pull on the name tag and it quickly and easily extends to a convenient distance that allows you to quickly and easily slide it through a scanner or present it to the security personnel or front desk assistants in your building.

In addition, another very, very solid benefit regarding these retractable name badges is that since they do not feature pins to hold them to your shirt, you do not have to worry about puncturing your clothing with annoying holes and tears.

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